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blink's new album

2011-06-15 12:37:08 by JACalax

if you like Blink then what do you think their new albums gonna be like, maybe they're gonna try and do what they did in Enema, or is this just gonna be a mix of AVA and +44... -____- smh that would suck if they did that

how long has it been

2011-06-03 12:40:11 by JACalax

havent been on ng in forever and just looked at my old posts.... was i really that much of a whinny bitch 24/7 jesus christ

damn i havent been on in awhile

2010-11-05 22:43:00 by JACalax

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:P yeah im awesome

my top 10 movies

2009-11-20 22:01:24 by JACalax

wel im just wonderin wat ur top 10, or 5, or 3 movies r

10. fast and furious
9. death race
8. role modles
7.the kingdom
6. the last samurai
5. defiance
4.GLORY (i watched it in my social stddies class and it was so effing amazing, hehe ferris bueller plays a character in it, nd teh dude for the princess bride, and morgan freeman, and denzel washington :P)
3. inglourious basterds
2. wanted
1. Nightmare Before Christmas
now or some movie music!

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best day evar!

2009-11-18 19:41:05 by JACalax

ok not rly
but i made teh basketball team at my skewl (nd i thought i sucked!)
and i chilled wit my friends after skewl
but then i missed teh bus 2 go home
so i had 2 walk
its cold in denver
all i had was a thin element sweatshirt
but then i got home nd now im jammin out to muzic :P

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hi everybody

2009-11-17 20:36:26 by JACalax

hey whats up everyone :P i've been pretty busy lately tryin 2 catch up wit skool work....... and broke up wit my gf ( :'( emo heartbreak) but it all good. but mor importantly wat hav u all been up to.

btw my comp is old, crappy, and retarted so u dont get to see wat i look lik yet. but ppl say i look kinda lik talor lautner (dont think dat i spellzed dat rite) just not as buff :P

here teh song of teh post

/* */

well hello there

2009-11-01 13:48:16 by JACalax

im baaaaack
wow i havnt used my comp in such a long time. ahhh it feels good 2 b back on ng. trolls quit bein so f*cking adopted althe f*cking time :P
if any one cares about my social life i has girlfriend now (woot emo love) nd 4 all u woo prob gonna say she nasty, most ppl give her a 7.8/10
26 c's
beat that :P
now let us all enjoy some music

/* */

frendship! :D

2009-10-15 18:03:03 by JACalax

i made some new friends at my new school, im soooooo happy!!!!!!
but it kinda weird bein at a new skool
more crackheads than my last skool
and sluts
and every once in a while (lik every day) u see a kid getting high off of axe :P
but anyways i made some new friends (i toldz them i was emo nd they didnt care)
now for a cheery up beats song.................
nah lets listen to SOAD >:D

/* */

this i the funniest thing i have ever seen!

/* */
haha lol what a guy

btw my house in denvr is friking huge!!!! i love it!

i move tomorrow :(

2009-10-06 20:36:38 by JACalax

im so anxious, i cant believe it. i have a feeling me nd my friends will all breakdown crying when i have to leave. i dont have many friends and niether do they. im losing all of the few, they just lose one. i hope i can make new friends at my new school. i got rid of my emo hair (it close to a buzz cut, i think i lost a pound or two after that hair cut :P) so it will be easier to make more non-emo friends. even though i leave tomorrow teh girl i kissed yesterday asked me out *first gf get (im on a roll :P)* she actualy wit me rite now. she tears up every 10 min or so :'( but i try to make her happy. my rentsdont care that she here cuz my friends have been spending all their time here wen we arent in school.

denver is waiting
i'll make my new post (4 those of u out there woo care) when i get to my new house

third time this song has been in my posts but it back again

/* */
im gonna play this song on my ipod(touch of course) an full speaker volume as im leaving (my friends are gnna w8 by my car as i leave)

/* */
in here cuz its good

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