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funniest thing ever at a Green Day concert!!!

2009-10-13 18:44:53 by JACalax

this i the funniest thing i have ever seen!

/* */
haha lol what a guy

btw my house in denvr is friking huge!!!! i love it!


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2009-10-13 19:16:20

LOL!!!! get your ass off my fucking stage kid! X3

JACalax responds:

i no !!!! so funny


2009-10-14 11:39:01

^why did he copy and paste something about the cycle of moodswings?

JACalax responds:

he prob coppied it from a brochure he read when he was waiting for his appointment at the gynacologist


2009-10-18 01:11:05

the funniest thing about a green day concert is green day!!!!!!!