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well hello there

2009-11-01 13:48:16 by JACalax

im baaaaack
wow i havnt used my comp in such a long time. ahhh it feels good 2 b back on ng. trolls quit bein so f*cking adopted althe f*cking time :P
if any one cares about my social life i has girlfriend now (woot emo love) nd 4 all u woo prob gonna say she nasty, most ppl give her a 7.8/10
26 c's
beat that :P
now let us all enjoy some music

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2009-11-01 13:54:06


JACalax responds:

i no


2009-11-01 13:55:19

you left?

JACalax responds:

not exaaaactllllyyy


2009-11-05 20:23:29

warning: this is random:
I spicy my tacos


2009-11-15 18:27:19

...are you still there?