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my top 10 movies

2009-11-20 22:01:24 by JACalax

wel im just wonderin wat ur top 10, or 5, or 3 movies r

10. fast and furious
9. death race
8. role modles
7.the kingdom
6. the last samurai
5. defiance
4.GLORY (i watched it in my social stddies class and it was so effing amazing, hehe ferris bueller plays a character in it, nd teh dude for the princess bride, and morgan freeman, and denzel washington :P)
3. inglourious basterds
2. wanted
1. Nightmare Before Christmas
now or some movie music!

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2009-11-20 22:08:15

anything with gore

(Updated ) JACalax responds:

lemme guess
u watch alot of tarintino movies


2009-11-21 18:28:06

? .

JACalax responds:

quentin tarintino movies has an overly used amount of gore
watch kill bill, death proof, inglorious basterds, or planet terror