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2009-08-19 11:44:05 by JACalax

watchmen was posibly the best movie to come from a comic book (but not as good as the dark knight :P) still it was an interesting plot, and lots of action........ best character wuz rorschach


2 day is boring

2009-08-18 16:08:37 by JACalax

there was nothing 2 do 2day, plus it was raining :( i chose the pic cuz i've been playing it all day

2 day is boring

need hep with skateboarding

2009-08-16 15:29:49 by JACalax

im starting 2 learn how 2 skateboard nd i need some help, we i try nd do a shove it my board either spins only 90 degrees or my board spins correctly but goes 2 far away from me nd i cat land it. wen i olli sometimes my wheels dot come of the ground een though my foot is lik directly on the edge of the tail or i turn 2 the left 90 degrees. nd finaly wen i kickflip, my board goes away from me and/or it only flips half way...... plz help if u can......... pic is of 1 of y fav skaters Paul Rodruigez :P

need hep with skateboarding

wat monster does 2 me

2009-08-15 17:22:36 by JACalax

i wuz wit my friend learnin how 2 sk8board nd we sat down nd had some monster, then he paused nd said, W8... i just gave u a monster... this cant b good. so lik a half hour l8r i got rele rele hyper nd i started doin rele stupid stuf lik swingin my board at him. it evenualy got 2 the point wer i got stupid enough 2 try nd drop into a half pipe 4 the first time. i went down fine but wen i went up the other side i did lik a flip landed pretty hard. my friend thought i wuz pretty jacked up but i wuz laughing lik crazy saying stuff lik i wanna do dat again. now im home nd about 2 crash -_-

Music :P

2009-08-13 21:10:12 by JACalax

i got bored and made this, but i wanna no wat bands other ppl out there lik
here r my favs: Blink 182, disturbed, tokio hotel, system of a down, rage against the machine, rise against, green day, coldplay, daft punk, the used, and the offspring


being emo is rough

2009-08-12 19:24:19 by JACalax

being kinda emo is realy tough 4 me, ppl ask if they ca borrow my cutting knife, they punch me nd say dat its ok cuz i like the pain. being emo duznt neccisarily mean u cut ur self or enjoy pain. they dont even care how u react, they asume dat u dont even hav any emotions nd they think its ok 2 make fun of u. most of my friends aren emo nd they don bug me uz ive talked 2 them about it, but every1 else just gives me crap about it........


2009-08-11 19:54:21 by JACalax

i just cant get enogh of this band!!!!!!!!!!! they r lik death metal but not as crazy, nd i also wanna no woo else out there likes them


i was at sleep away camp and my cousoler from england let me use his ipod nd i started watching the nighmare before christmas nd i rememberd how good it was..... nd i listend to This is halloween by marilyn manson lik a bagillion times :P

Nighmare before cristmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im still emo

2009-05-14 19:41:48 by JACalax

i think i have finaly embraced the fact that im pretty emo............. people arent buggin me bout it much cuz its old news so yay!

Shuttle launch

2009-05-12 18:30:13 by JACalax

on monday, th space shuttle Atlantis took off and was sent into space. they're gonna be up in space fr eleven days, fixing the Hubble Space Telescope one final time. they will actualy go out into space five times durring this trip. i actually know three of the astronauts, John Grunsfeld, Mike Massimino, and Scott "Scooter" Altman. the Hubble Space Telescope will be functioning until at least 2014.

Shuttle launch