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i wuzat a dance last nite

2009-09-26 21:38:17 by JACalax

it wuz fun :) i got 1 of teh girls in my class to dance wit me :) nd some other girlz from different skoolz woo all said i look like taylor lautner (yes i kinda do :P) and i gained some self esteem :D but it kinda sucked cuz my ex grinded wit some other guy i no, nd we broke up about a week ago :( but to cheer me up, one of my friends woo is actualy my height (my best friend is lik 5 6, my other best friend is 6 1, nd one of teh new kids woo iz pretty chill iz 6 4) gave me a piggy back ride and we charged rite through teh big crowd in teh middle (it wuz extra fun cuz i was sing shouting to teh song dat wuz playin nd i liked it) but then he smashed his head into a girl woo wuznt payin attention nd we both went down. then i crashed immediately wen i got home. it wuz worth teh $10 to get in :)

this is the song dat was playing wen i got teh piggy back ride

/* */

/* */
im obsessed wit it

nd my friend ship fries go to

razzar508- she nice :)
jhaley- i trolled him, but we kool now, plus he noes enough bout guns 2 take over mexico
emoxxxchikca- we used 2 talk
chillbro- cuz he chill
metaknightpwns- anti troll :P
crankymcgregor- i actualy h8 him but he fun 2 troll, so if any of u guys get bored, trollin him gives hours of entertainment

nd guess wat song and band this is from

hello there, the angel from my nightmare, the shadow in the background of the mourge. the unsuspecting victim, of darkness in th valley, we can live like jack and sally if you want. well you can allways find me, we'll have halloween on christmas,and in the night we'll wish this never ends, we'll wish this never ends.

funniest screw up ever, freind ship fries, nd lets play another game

2 in 1

2009-09-13 19:15:37 by JACalax

part 1: how do u ban some 1. if u no plz tell me.
part 2:

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most annoying troll out there

2009-09-13 14:16:04 by JACalax

iz crankymcgregor. he just took it outta hand wen he started treating 9/11 lik xmass. this guy needs 2 b banned for the disrespect he has showed to the ppl woo lost their lives and their fammiles. commen only if u wanna help get him banned


2009-09-11 18:53:32 by JACalax

i would like every1 woo reads this 2 take a moment of silence for the people who died durring the 9/11 attacks and their famillies. around 3,100 people died. if you wernt youngenough to remember, i would lik you 2 write comment saying exactly were you wer when you heard about the first attack. i was only 6 and i remeber that day pretty clearly


first day of skool

2009-09-08 16:33:50 by JACalax

ughhhhhhh i h8ed it. it wuz lik a monday cept 20 times worse


2009-09-07 11:42:03 by JACalax

god damn it, skool strts 2morrow :'( noooooooooooooooooooo. i haventdone lik any required work 4 teh summer :( im a b made fun of cuz im kinda emo nd prob wear me usual stuff 2 skool (black cargo shorts, black t-shirt, black nd wite dc's, nd my black beanie) ughhhhhhhhh nd i is in teh algebra 1 class wit teh teacher i absolutely h8. i could get moved up but i'll still have her nd it will b harder. why couldnt i b stupid durring teh math section of dat standerdised test :( i willz prob get into a 3 vs. 1 fight (again) nd get killed. yo no quiero ir a mi escuela!!!!
pic is unrelated, but cheers me up


still bored

2009-09-06 18:19:49 by JACalax

ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im wayyy 2 bored. some 1 start a convo...


2009-09-05 19:12:21 by JACalax

y is 2day so boring. if any1 cares im listenin 2 disturbed nd wat not and on ng (duh) and stressin bout skool starting. some 1 start a convo cuz im soooooo effin bored



2009-09-04 20:16:44 by JACalax

great skool is starting on tuesday for me and now i gots 2 deal with bein called emo again. nd evry 1 remembers cuz my friend decided to vc with almost evry1 and im werin my usual summer stuff, black cargo shorts, black t shirt, black sk8 shoes, nd my black beannie cuz his house iz lik antartica :P evry 1 wuz lik, ugh y he always so gloomy nd emo..... 1 kid (again) asked me if he could borrow me cutting knife :'(...... plus they wanted to noes wat i wuz listenin 2 on me ipod...... my disturbed+system of a down+ the used playlist. yeah skools gonna b a blast